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Create drafts

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

The MindTouch drafting interface is an important content management tool that allows you to create drafts of non-existing articles or to update articles while still leaving the most current version available to your users. Depending on how you set up permissions for your workflow, you can allow anyone within your company draft content and contribute to your customer success program. 

Create a draft for a new document

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, click New.

  1. Select the template for the type of new content you would like to add.

When you first create a new page, you won't see the whole list of templates. Check the box next to Show all x available templates to see all.

  1. To create the page as a draft, select the Create draft radio button. (You will be able to publish the draft to your live site later.)
  2. Click Create.

If a draft exists, live page editing is disabled for everyone.


View a draft page

When a draft page is created, a banner informs the user that an unpublished draft with pending changes exists. Click View draft to access the draft page.


Publish or delete a draft

Once in the draft page, you have the option to publish or delete the draft, or to view the published live page.


Once you publish the page, its draft will no longer exist.


Create a draft from an existing page 

  1. To update a page, click Create draft in the banner. 

  1. Click Create draft and MindTouch will create a new draft page while keeping the published page available to users. 


Although MindTouch supports concurrent editing, we recommend that no more than 2 to 3 authors edit drafts at the same time.


How does the drafts interface impact my website?

The drafts model allows your authoring team to create or update articles or whole hierarchies without disturbing the experience of your end users. This can be used for a number of reasons like product updates, changes in documentation style, and new product documentation. It will also allow your content managers to review and publish these drafts with ease.

How will the drafts impact my customers?

Community members and anonymous users will not be able to see any of the drafts interface. They will only be able to view the live version of a page and will not see any text regarding that page containing a draft. If those users were even given or followed a link to a draft page the system would automatically redirect the user to the live version of a page.

Should I train my team to use the drafts interface?

While navigating through the whole interface is easy to grasp it would be important to train everyone who may be authoring on your website. This will also help you develop a good internal process for your team surrounding the content's workflow.

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