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Add space before or after a table or code block

The MindTouch editor contains a red line feature that allows users to add paragraph breaks above or below formatted sections on a page.

Trigger the red line tool

The red line tool appears above and below formatting blocks (other than comment and custom blocks). Trigger the red line by hovering above or below a formatting block. The red line tool allows users to add space before and after formatting blocks, tables and table cells.

Formatting blocks


The red line tool also appears if two formatting blocks are directly on top of each other.



The red line tool appears above and below a table. 


The red line tool will also appear within a cell above and below the formatting block:


Administrators only!

Only administrators familiar with the editor configuration and the MindTouch Support Team should attempt to remove the red line.

To remove the red line feature, navigate to Site tools > Control panel > Editor configurations and add the following:

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config )
   config.removePlugin = 'magicline';

What's next?

Having difficulties spacing text properly? Learn how to the add the right line breaks for your task in MindTouch.

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