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Reuse content

Content resuse allows you to use existing content, either an entire article or just sections of an article, in another location of your site. You can only reuse articles, not categories or guides.

Why reuse content?

Updating or modifying content you use across your site can be a tremendous task. Imagine having to update dozens of documents one by one because the wording of a widely used statement in your documentation has changed or having to rewrite whole pages just to avoid duplicate content. Daunting? Not with MindTouch. MindTouch allows you to reuse sections of content or even whole pages. And whenever you need to change a word, a sentence or a paragraph, simply make the change in one single location, and all other pages are automatically updated!

SEO Impact

Duplicate content is a big concern for SEO-conscientious content managers. While Google, does not "punish" you for having duplicate content, it arbitrarily chooses which content (if any) to surface in its search results. Punishment or not, Google choosing the page to surface or deciding to ignore pages not only hurts your SEO but also your users, who may not find the information they are looking for in an organic (web) search. Follow the outlined process to reuse content to avoid duplicate content issues when reusing entire pages.

Content reuse instructions

  • Display titles of reused sections
    Customize the default content reuse configuration to show also section titles.
  • How to reuse content
    Reuse content (an entire article or just sections of an article) in another location of your site.
  • Why does my reused page not load?
    While the ability to reuse content is a welcome content management function, inadvertent infinite loops will not display. Review the various scenarios that could prevent your page from loading.
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