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Set up a media repository

Why should I set up a media repository?

Set up a media repository to allow for ease of file management and avoid broken images if pages are deleted:

  • Reuse files throughout your site
  • Update reused files in one central location
  • Access files even after a page containing the files has been deleted

Set up your media repository

Part 1: Install the media repository
  1. Download the media repository MTARC file.
  2. Install the media repository MTARC file in each of your categories:
  • Click Options > Import here.
  • Find your media repository MTARC and select to import.

MindTouch pages, including media repositories, can only display up to 1000 file attachments. If you think you will put more than 1000 files into your media repository, we recommend creating sub-repositories within the main repository as needed. To make organization and reuse easier, mimic the top-level structure of your MindTouch site. 

Part 2: Set permissions

Make the media repository accessible to your pro members but hidden to your end users:

  1. Click on the recently installed Media Repo
  2. Click Options > Restrict access and select Semi-Private
  3. Add any users or groups that will need access to the media repository to manage files
  4. If you are creating subpages in your media repository categories, make sure to select Apply restrictions settings to all to subpages

Screenshot of the restrict access dialog

With your media repository set to semi-private, end users will be able to view images that are attached to that page, but the media repository pages won't show up in navigation or in search unless users are explicitly added to the permissions list. Review how to restrict access

Part 3: Identify a structure for ease of management

First, identify the structure of the documentation you are going to create. Mirror the organization within your categories to ease file management. 

If you are creating subpages, verify the appropriate access permissions are granted. To change permissions, see Part 2.

Part 4: Add files
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the media repository page
  2. Click Attach a file or drag and drop the files directly into the File table

Screenshot of adding attachment to the repo page

Part 5: Add files from the media repo to your pages
  1. Open the page into which you want to insert a file or image in Edit mode
  2. In the editor toolbar, click the Image icon Screenshot of image icon
  3.  Browse to your media repository or search by the file's name
  4. Click Save image
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