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Work with DekiScript objects

Use DekiScript objects to display user, page and site information for your MindTouch instance on your pages. This article covers how to assign properties to DekiScript objects. 

Assign properties to objects

The MindTouch DekiScript objects are:  user, page and site. Assign properties by adding a period . after the object followed by the property:

Object with property Function Displays the name of users
user.anonymous Displays anonymous users
page.title Displays the page title Displays the author of the page
site.url Displays the URL of the site Displays the name of the site

Display user, page and site information

 Follow the steps in this example to display user, page or site information on your pages:

  1. Add a DekiScript block to a  page.
  2. Type the following code into the DekiScript block:
"User: " ..user.displayname;<br/>
"Page title: ";<br/>
"Site name: ";<br/>

Explanation of the syntax 

Syntax element Description
"" Designate the beginning and end of the custom text string you want to display
.. Designates the current page
user.displayname  The call
; The operator indicating the end of a line of code (necessary)
<br/> Forces a line break
  1. Once you click Save, the page will display the following:
User: Anonymous User
Page title: Work with DekiScript objects
Site name: MindTouch Success Center

What's  next?

Learn how to implement basic dynamic controls.

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