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The MindTouch responsive interface enables customers to access your product content and answer their own questions, whether on their mobile device or desktop. The result is a customer self-service experience that will improve ticket deflection, renewals, upsells, and brand advocacy.
  • Content analytics
    This article outlines a content analytics strategy that includes capturing new customers, decreasing time to value and reducing churn.
  • Content quality checklist
    This article provides criteria for assessing the quality of your MindTouch content.
  • Effective self-service
    Self-service success is directly connected to customer loyalty. Create a self-service strategy that  guides your customers to effortless success and enables your support team.
  • Feedback from anonymous users
    This best practice article outlines the importance of gaining feedback from anonymous users (i.e. users who access your site without logging in).
  • Site structure use cases
    A hierarchy organizes content for navigation, while Synapses builds content relationships and narrow information searches.
  • Writing Style Guide
    A writing style guide is a comprehensive reference, that often links to other references, and includes standards for grammar, punctuation, word choice, style, tone, and more.
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