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Knowledge Centered Service (KCS®) is a methodology to proactively capture knowledge that is generated during your customer interactions. Then by reusing and optimizing that knowledge, accessible through a central content repository, you gain value in operational efficiency, self-service success, and organization learning and improvement. Get familiar with KCS methodology.

Implement KCS with MindTouch

How MindTouch capabilities enable KCS Practices
KCS v6 methodology outlines 8 Practices with specific techniques. See how MindTouch functionality can support KCS methodology.
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  • KCS Practice 1: Capture
    Capture knowledge in the moment, capture the requester's context, searching is creating.
  • KCS Practice 2: Structure
    Use a simple template, use complete thoughts instead of complete sentences.
  • KCS Practice 3: Reuse
    Search early search often, seek to understand what we collectively know, linking.
  • KCS Practice 4: Improve
    Reuse is review, Flag it or fix it, license to modify.
  • KCS Practice 5: Content Health
    KCS article structure and content standards, evolve loop articles, archiving, legacy data, prime the knowledge base with new information,  global support, knowledge domain analysis, self-service measures.
  • KCS Practice 6: Process Integration
    Structured problem solving, seamless technology integration, search technology for KCS, closed loop feedback for the whole system, KCS process integration indicators.
  • KCS Practice 7: Performance Assessment
    KCS roles and licensing models, coaching for success, assessing the creation of value.
  • KCS Practice 8: Leadership and Communication
    Develop and communicate a vision, create a strategic framework, KCS benefits and ROI, promote teamwork, connect to motivation, recognition programs, communication is key, leadership accountability, leadership and communication indicators.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™. 

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