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Customer Success

Customer Success
Customer success is part of the DNA at MindTouch. Data about how your customers access your content, which content is most popular, what content individual customers have read prior to a service call -- this is all part of the value that MindTouch brings to help success professionals hit their KPIs, and provide continuous improvement for their customers.
  • 7 ways to find content gaps
    Maintain and evolve your product knowledge with a data-driven process that creates high value customer-facing content.
  • Content consumer needs
    Engage your stakeholders to contribute to the adoption and evolution of your product content.
  • Create a feedback loop
    Establish a feedback loop to continually improve your most valuable customer-facing content.
  • Improve community engagement
    To advance your customer engagement strategy, inspire your customers to engage with your community platform.
  • User-focused effective content
    The best way to publish relevant content is to continually optimize content quality for your users, rather than employ the latest SEO tactic.  Consider 5 key aspects for creating user-focused effective content.
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