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The power of a positive customer experience

Now more than ever, content is your customer experience.

At the early stage in the consumer decision journey, a brand’s role is to provide inspiration and ideas with content.

– Think with Google

The way to understand the micro-moments in customers’ lives is to understand the content that matters to them in different stages of the customer journey.27 Micro-moments are driven by customers’ intent, and smart content’s tracking capability allows companies to learn intent by analyzing what customers are searching for, what content they are engaging out of the search results, and whether that content was useful, among other data.

Google names the following as among the “moments that matter”:

  • I need to find
  • I need some ideas
  • Which one is best
  • I want to buy it
  • I can fix this
  • I want to do
  • I want to know28

Moments such as these make up the customer journey’s research, buy, and succeed stages. Answering those “What’s out there,” “How does it work,” “Will it accomplish what I need,” and “I need help with it” queries along that journey is done through a company’s content that they are already producing, which if made smart, reaches customers better and faster to create a superior customer experience. This is how companies win in the modern marketplace.

In a survey published in February of 2016, 51% of B2B consumers are relying more on content now to research their buying decisions.29 When customers know they can depend on a brand to help them self-serve with useful content, after having found the exact content quickly that they searched for, they move on with a positive impression of that brand. It is smart content that powers customer engagement and retention.

Now more than ever, content is your customer experience.


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About the Author

Megan M. Hard is a Market Analyst at MindTouch, where she studies trends in the tech industry and how they tie together with consumer needs and behavior. After six years as a journalist and writer, she spent eight years as a Senior Editor at The Conference Board, a nonprofit business research think tank.

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