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Understand the customer needs addressed by introducing smart content throughout the customer journey.

Our latest report analyzes trends in consumer engagement with product and help content and the effects that this engagement has on companies’ customer experience initiatives. Our aim is to help companies understand why product and help content make up a critical, but oft overlooked, part of the customer experience. There’s a fundamental gap between the way companies treat this content and the needs and demands of consumers and customers. To understand this gap, we analyze three central aspects of the current economic landscape. 

  1. We live in a customer experience-based economy. Increasingly, consumers differentiate between brands by their experiences outside of traditional marketing channels. They’re seeking a more authentic sense of what it’s like to be a customer before they buy. With dwindling customer loyalty, ensuring a top-notch customer experience across the entire customer journey is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. 
  2. This is the age of on-demand understanding. The prevalence of mobile technology and the Internet of Things in consumers’ everyday lives has changed the way they approach product and help content. This content increasingly plays a role in research, purchase decisions, and customer success, and consumers prefer self-service to other service channels. Companies with easily discoverable content drive more brand engagement. 
  3. Your content is now your customer experience. As consumer patience for older channels wanes, self-service channels become the front line of customer experience initiatives from researching to renewal. Addressing how this content is presented and how consumers engage with it is a critical part of any modern customer experience initiative. 

Ultimately, we argue that to address these emerging trends, companies need to adopt a content strategy that deploys smart content across the customer journey. PDFs and FAQs do not provide the user experience expected by modern consumers, and they do not have intelligible metrics to provide leadership strategic insights. Smart content addresses these deficiencies, and more. Companies can help break the cycle of poor customer experiences by taking their product and help content into the 21st century. This whitepaper will help readers understand the customer needs addressed by introducing smart content throughout the customer journey in order to differentiate their brands in an increasingly competitive economy.

How do you find content right now?

  • Open up software
  • Click into a repository
  • Find a set of files
  • Search for a specific file
  • Open up the PDF
  • Still can’t find what you need.

This is the problem smart content solves.

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