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How MindTouch capabilities enable KCS Practices
KCS v6 methodology outlines 8 Practices with specific techniques. See how MindTouch functionality can support KCS methodology.
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  • KCS Practice 1: Capture
    KCS v6 Practice 1 Techniques: Capture Knowledge in the Moment, Capture the Requester's Context, Searching is Creating.
  • KCS Practice 2: Structure
    KCS v6 Practice 2 Techniques: Use a Simple Template, Complete Thoughts, Not Complete Sentences.
  • KCS Practice 3: Reuse
    KCS v6 Practice 3 Techniques: Search Early Search Often, Seek to Understand What We Collectively Know, Linking.
  • KCS Practice 4: Improve
    KCS v6 Practice 4 Techniques: Reuse is Review, Flag it or Fix it, License to Modify.
  • KCS Practice 5: Content Health
    KCS v6 Practice 5 Techniques: KCS Article Structure, KCS Article State, Developing a Content Standard, Creating Evolve Loop Articles, Archiving Old Articles, Dealing With Legacy Data, Priming the Knowledge Base With New Information,  Global Support Considerations, Knowledge Domain Analysis, Self-Service Measures.
  • KCS Practice 6: Process Integration
    KCS v6 Practice 6 Techniques: Structured Problem Solving, Seamless Technology Integration, Search Technology for KCS, Closed Loop Feedback for the Whole System, KCS Process Integration Indicators.
  • KCS Practice 7: Performance Assessment
    KCS v6 Practice 7 Techniques: KCS Roles and the Licensing Model, Coaching for Success, Assessing the Creation of Value.
  • KCS Practice 8: Leadership and Communication
    KCS v6 Practice 8 Techniques: Develop and Communicate a Vision, Create a Strategic Framework, KCS Benefits and ROI, Promote Teamwork, Tap into Internal Motivators, Recognition Programs, Communication is the Key, Leadership Accountability to the Knowledge Worker, Leadership and Communication Indicators.
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