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Adding suggestions to your search and ticket form

Written by Damien Howley
Former MindTouch Employee at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

DEPRECATED! This page has been deprecated. Content on this page is no longer supported. Please contact Support or search our Success Center for supported solutions.

Allow your customers to engage faster and search more effectively with your own search suggestion drop-down. You can add the search suggestion drop-down to multiple different interfaces such as:

  • Search box
  • Home page
  • Ticket creation form
  • Article suggestion form
  • Chat request form

Why should I add search suggestions?

code42_autocomplete.pngEach time a customer visits your MindTouch site, you're given an opportunity to get them to the right information as quickly as possible. Anything you can do during that customer journey to make the experience faster or more accurate will ultimately translate into value for you, your customers, and your organization. Increasing the speed and accuracy of customer experience allows you to:

  • Deflect support tickets
  • Expose more knowledge to your customers
  • Speed up your customer self-help experience
  • Decrease customer effort

The idea to create this document was inspired directly by the efforts of Code42 who uses MindTouch very effectively to drive their customer success initiatives. Code42 developed their own search suggestions long before this article was written. You can take a look at their experience by going to

You should add the search suggestions interface to your homepage and search box in your header. If you have a ticket submission form in your MindTouch site, you should add it to the subject input field to deflect support tickets. 

Setup instructions

  1. Download the autocomplete_search.mtarc.
  2. Log in to your MindTouch instance as an administrator.
  3. Go to Site tools > Dashboards > Templates.
  4. Go to Template:Custom > Controls. If you do not have this template already, create one with that path.
  5. Click Options > Import here.
  6. Select the autocomplete_search.mtarc.
  7. Verify your auto-complete template is set up at /Template:Custom/Controls/Autocomplete2.

If you want to add search suggestion to a site other than your MindTouch site, use the following example and a web developer to get started. You can add search suggestions to your case management portal, your forum, your community site, your marcomm site and more.


Code example

Once you have completed the setup instructions, you can copy and paste the following code to a DekiScript block on any page in your site:

<input type="text" placeholder="How can we help you?" id="mt-dynamic-search" />

If you want to add the auto-complete functionality to an existing input box, simply add the attribute ID="mt-dynamic-search." For instance, you may already have a search box in your custom header that you want to make an auto-complete search. 

<input id="mt-dynamic-search" />



Question Answer
Can I deploy similar functionality on other sites such as my marcomm site or product?

Yes, although the code is slightly different. You can use the following Cross-Domain SDK to add MindTouch search suggestions to your blog, marcomm site, case portal and more. The following SDK uses jQuery with JSONP and will require some development experience to work with. 

Example:  (Not Supported)

Is this capability supported? No, this functionality is not provided by the product. It is simply a recipe document used to help expose potential capabilities.  
What is the origin parameter in the API URL? The origin parameter in the API URL is used to track the usage and adoption of the search suggestion. You can view your search suggestion activity in your Usage report along with your other HelpRequest. If you do not have the Usage report configured, please contact support or your MindTouch account manager.
How does the width of the drop-down work? The jQuery that is used to create the auto-complete dropdown is smart enough to set the width of the dropdown to the same width as your search box. This, of course, could be problematic if you have a very small search box so you may want to consider using a wider search interface if you are going to use the dropdown.