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User and content analysis
This path demonstrates the many opportunities to gain insight into user behavior and content effectiveness.
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  • Analyze search queries
    Gain insight into what terms your users are searching for and which articles they end up clicking into.
  • Access user search and view activity
    Gain insight into your users search and view activity. The MindTouch user activity report lists all pages viewed and terms searched for by a specific user.
  • View user contributions
    The user contribution report displays the revision activity of an individual user: pages revised, the time of revision and a summary of the revision.
  • Analyze site content
    The MindTouch site activity, community scoring and content aging reports provides content managers with insight on how many pages were created or edited within the past 14 to 60 days, which pages rank high or low with users, and which pages are in need of review and updating.
  • View site changes
    The site history report displays the revision activity for the entire MindTouch site: pages revised, the time of revision, the author who revised, and a summary of the revision.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
    While MindTouch provides in-product analytics, those analytics are focused on the evolution and validity of your content. To further analyze your site's traffic, use Google Analytics to work in tandem with our MindTouch reports.
  • Integrate with Wave Analytics
    Integrate MindTouch into Salesforce Wave Analytics to collect business intelligence on your documentation assets.
  • Explore branding in Mindtouch
    An out-of-the-box deep dive into the world's best platform for creating understanding for customers and products.
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