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Explore how  MindTouch converts the help content you already produce to super-charge your efforts in content marketing, customer success, knowledge management, product documentation, sales enablement, self-service, and user experience.

Our "Solutions" section touches on the specific tools in MindTouch that place your product documents just where they need to be to support your customers in the research, buy, and succeed stages of their customer journey.

  • Content Marketing
    Content Marketing
    Using MindTouch for product documentation and help content in content marketing yields a multitude of benefits including better placement on SERPs (search engine result pages). Search engine optimization guru Rand Fishkin of recently pointed out that if your content is more comprehensive, Google will reward it. Most important, content marketing with product documentation results in unique, informative, and helpful content that answers users’ questions up front.
  • Customer Success
    Customer Success
    Customer success is part of the DNA at MindTouch. Data about how your customers access your content, which content is most popular, what content individual customers have read prior to a service call -- this is all part of the value that MindTouch brings to help success professionals hit their KPIs, and provide continuous improvement for their customers.
  • Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management
    MindTouch is a leader in knowledge management for product documentation and help content.
  • Product Documentation
    Product Documentation
    Below are the tools and features available in MindTouch that makes it a one-of-a-kind product documentation platform.
  • Sales Enablement
    Sales Enablement
    MindTouch provides the value of authoritative product content in the hands of your sales team and in front of your customers, wherever they are, to validate and close the deal.
  • Self-Service
    MindTouch self-service interface enables customers to access your product content and answer their own questions, whether on their mobile device or desktop. Easy to search and SEO-friendly, MindTouch can help you deflect tickets and increase expertise in your products among your customers.
  • User Experience
    User Experience
    Product documentation in MindTouch is easily accessed and searched on all sized devices. In addition, MindTouch Touchpoints integrations enable your product to reach into multiple systems and devices seamlessly, provide in-product contextual help, and surface wherever your customers may be.


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