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Archive content for knowledge base health

Identify unused or dated content that should be updated or archived.

Identify archive candidates

There are several ways to identify potential content to archive.

Sort by last modified

As your knowledge base evolves, you may find the Last Modified date of a document to be a helpful tool in determining if it’s out of date. The MindTouch Content Aging report shows the average time since last edit. That statistic gives you a helpful starting point to identify pages that have remained static for longer than usual.

Sort by page views

Sorting by the page view count can tell you if an article is helping your readers. If it is not used, it may not be useful. You can see the number of times a page has been used in the MindTouch Community Scoring report.

Sort by page rating

Sorting by page rating can tell you if the article is actually being recommended or discouraged by members of your site. Learn more about Article Ratings.

Assess the content

After you identify potential content to archive, determine which content could add value to your knowledge base.

Review each article and ask two questions:

  • Is this knowledge useful?
  • Is this knowledge valid?

If the answer to each of these questions is no, then it should likely be archived. If you answered yes to one of the questions, decide if it is best to improve or archive the content.

Improve the content

Content that is both useful and valid should be reviewed and improved. Having a low use count or a long gap since the last update are both signs that the article is not current or comprehensive.

For an article with a low use count, some exploration is necessary. Is it an orphaned page that doesn’t contain any inbound or outbound links? Can you find it using your search tools?

If an article has not been edited in a while, can it be made relevant again? Older articles that pertain to outdated processes may help resolve new issues. Content around legacy products may not have been updated in a while, but if the information within has already been polished and refined over time, users of older products may still find them useful.

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