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KCS Practice 4: Improve

The techniques for KCS® Practice 4 are based on the goal to constantly improve articles as they are reused. Articles with the most demand, and therefore value, have the most opportunity to meet evolving user needs.

Technique 4.1: Reuse is Review

Reference the content captured in your central repository (your knowledge base) in every interaction to regularly improve the most important content. Through process integration and collective ownership, your knowledge base becomes the most comprehensive and current source of knowledge.

KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Constantly improve the quality of the KCS articles that have value Use Capture Manager for Service Cloud Link to Case feature to track which knowledge articles are reused the most.
Create a culture of collective ownership Capture Manage for Service Cloud is KCS v6 Verified to enable all KCS best practices that encourage collective ownership.


Technique 4.2: Flag it or Fix it

As KCS articles are used, they are continually updated for ongoing improvement. Quick fixes are updated immediately while issues needing more attention are flagged to trigger a workflow.

KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Continuous improvement Capture Manager includes flexible permissions that enable the right people to be able to fix or flag the content they use.
Flagged articles should trigger a workflow Use Capture Manager or Capture Manager for Service Cloud to flag articles.


Technique 4.3: License to Modify

Content permissions, part of the KCS licensing model, are an important capability to allow all your knowledge workers to participate while only certain knowledge workers are granted higher privileges when appropriate. 

KCS Method MindTouch Capability
User permissions Capture Manager includes flexible permissions that enable knowledge worker licensing recommendations.
Page permissions Capture Manager default permissions automatically adjust page permissions based on article lifecycle states.
User groups Capture Manager permissions work along with user groups to manage knowledge worker permissions.


From the Consortium for Service InnovationRead more about Practice 4 in the KCS v6 Practices Guide.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

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