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Product release 2018-01-25



  • Conditional Content: UI
    Fixed an issue that prevented the visual delineation of conditional content on a page
  • Embedded Video: Resize UI
    Fixed an issue that prevented the ability to resize videos embedded on a page (MS Edge only)
  • Guide UI: Article sorting
    Fixed an issue that prevented the alphabetical sorting behavior of articles in Categories and Guides from matching 
  • Tables: Styling of pasted content
    Fixed an issue that prevented the ability to style content pasted from Word into a table
  • Tables: Paste behavior
    Fixed an issue that caused content pasted into a table cell to replace, rather than append to, preexisting content within that cell
  • Guide Tab: Sorting UI 
    Enabled guide tab sorting using a new, dedicated icon  
  • Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 1.40.29 PM.png

New report coming next week: Search Insights

Next week, customers using  MindTouch Responsive will notice a new report in their dashboard. Previously in our Search Report, we provided search data that helped you assess content gaps. The new report retains the same data, and adds actionable insights. Some key optimizations:

  • Touchpoint, user, and group filtering, helping you to better know your customers
  • Identification of areas to decrease customer effort when researching
  • Additional data points to help identify not only gaps, but also poor search performance
  • The ability to assess the performance of recommended search


Planned deprecations


  • Legacy Comments: MT4 & TCS
    Our legacy comments feature, used in MT4 and TCS, is scheduled to be removed on February 8, 2018. If your MindTouch site currently uses legacy comments,  contact your Customer Success Manager, or
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