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Product release 2018-03-22




Editor: Cut and paste multiple table cells
Fixed an issue when cutting and pasting multiple table cells created duplicate cells


Editor: <pre> format does not show options in conditional text
Fixed an issue where the syntax highlighter options were not appearing for <pre> tags used inside conditional text boxes


Editor: Unable to save​ when using Find and Replace​​​​​​
Fixed an issue that prevented a user from saving the page when switching between Source view and WYSIWYG while using Find and Replace


Editor: Cannot use Undo button when copying to table cell
Fixed an issue where the undo button was unusable when a user copied text to a table cell


Community member registration button pointed to an incorrect URL
Fixed an issue where the registration link took users to %mt-nocache.href.registration% instead of /Special:Userlogin#tab=register


Updated Guide Tab Drag Icon
Updated the guide tab "drag" icon to be less confusing to users




SAML Single Sign on Multiple Identity Providers (IdP)
MindTouch now supports authentication from multiple SAML Single Sign On Identity Providers (IdP) on a single MindTouch-powered site. If you would like additional information around this enhancement, please contact your account manager at Subsequently, if you have any questions regarding the SAML and SSO configuration settings, please contact our Support team at


Consolidating Control Panel Login Pages
In our journey to provide a more unified login experience, we will be redirecting the control panel login page to use /Special:UserLogin to authenticate admins. There will be no observable change in functionality and admins will be redirected back to the control panel once they are logged in. If you have further questions please contact


Path and Content ID Enhancement
Learning Path and Content ID-associated pages will now load from a new endpoint. Paths will load from{id} and Content ID-associated pages will load from{id}. This change will not affect your existing Path or Content ID URLs. The existing Path endpoint,{id}, and the existing Content ID query parameter,{id}, will continue to function, by redirecting requests to the new endpoint.


Upcoming Enhancements


Improved Editor Widget Display 
We have standardized the appearance of our navigation, content, and script widgets so they are easily recognizable, draggable, and occupy the minimal amount of space without restricting their functionality. In addition, our script widgets have the ability to expand or collapse to make them easier to work with. We hope these changes will improve your editor experience and appreciate any feedback you may have about them. Please contact your Account Manager at if you would like to turn these on for your site before they are released on April 19th.


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