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MindTouch Success Center

Product release 2018-03-29




Reports: Site Activity
Fixed an issue that caused a discrepancy between the Site Activity report and its associated CSV.  


Browser: Firefox
Fixed an issue that caused a Corrupted Content error when clicking the back button while viewing a MindTouch site in Firefox.


Touchpoints: Contextual Help​​​​​​
Fixed an issue that caused the Contextual Help touchpoint to return to a previous page when a user clicked the Back button instead of returning the user to the page that was being viewed. 


Upcoming Enhancements


Improved Editor Widget Display 
We have standardized the appearance of our navigation, content, and script widgets so they are easily recognizable, draggable, and occupy the minimal amount of space without restricting their functionality. In addition, our script widgets have the ability to expand or collapse to make them easier to work with. We hope these changes will improve your editor experience and appreciate any feedback you may have about them. Please contact your Account Manager at if you would like to turn these on for your site before they are released on April 19th.


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