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Product release 2018-05-31


Paths in Guide Tabs
Fixed an issue where expanding Paths inside a guide tab would automatically close again

XSS Vulnerability in IE and Edge
Fixed a false positive XSS error in IE and Edge that was causing certain pages to not render correctly

Contextual Help Back Button
Fixed an issue where the back button in contextual help would cause the browser to go back to the previous page

Incorrect Page Count
Fixed an inconsistency in page count when using site.pagecount in Dekiscript

Self-Modification of Authentication Service
Fixed an issue where a user could use the API to change their own authentication service and seat without being an admin

SAML SSO Assertion
Fixed an issue where improperly formatted NameID requests were being allowed

Server API Tokens
Removed support for sending Server Tokens without the proper User ID hashing

Guided Content Framework
Fixed an issue where the new button would appear on article pages (e.g. how to, reference, custom) that are not supposed to have child pages under them. Also fixed an issue where the article type insertion code, found at the bottom of new pages before they are saved, was appearing.

If you are interested in learning more about our enforced Guided Content Framework please contact


Upcoming Enhancements

New Editor Widgets 
Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out our new and improved Editor Widgets. We have upgraded and standardized the appearance of our navigation, content, and script widgets so they are easily recognizable, draggable, and occupy the minimal amount of space without restricting their functionality. In addition, our script widgets have the ability to expand or collapse and syntax highlighting to make them easier to work with. We hope these changes will improve your editor experience and we appreciate any feedback you may have about them. 


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