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Product release 2018-06-07


Site Structure Error on MT4
Fixed an issue on MT4 sites where the home page was showing an error without a description

Removing Tags with Colons
Fixed an issue where removing a tag that contained a colon would look like it removed all other tags with colons from the page

Draft Redirect Error
Fixed an issue where mt-draft=false would not redirect back to the default URL

Drag and Drop Image Names
Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping multiple images into a page would result in each image getting the following appended to its name: "@api,deki,files,330"

Feature Enhancements

Link Picker and Tree View Navigation Updates
Tree navigation and link picker dialogs have improved efficiency, which can be seen in the following elements:  

  • Next to our breadcrumb navigation
  • Image dialog  
  • Link dialog
  • Move dialog
  • Copy dialog
  • Add page to path dialog
  • Content reuse dialog
  • Printbook add page dialog (MT4)


Attachments Dialog Updates
In the image dialog on the Attach files tab, we added the ability to see all images already attached to a page to make it easier to add images.

View list of current attachments in the image dialog

Upcoming Enhancements

New Editor Widgets 
On June 28th we will be rolling out our new and improved Editor Widgets. We have upgraded and standardized the appearance of our navigation, content, and script widgets so they are easily recognizable, draggable, and occupy the minimal amount of space without restricting their functionality. In addition, our script widgets have the ability to expand or collapse and syntax highlighting to make them easier to work with. We hope these changes will improve your editor experience and we appreciate any feedback you may have about them. 


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