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Product release 2018-07-12


Guide Tab View
Fixed an issue where newer sites were not showing the option to display guides with the single tab view

Duplicate paste in Page Summary
Fixed an issue where clicking the pencil icon twice to edit page summaries would paste the text twice

Drop-Down Hierarchy Menu
Fixed an issue where the article ordering in the hierarchy menu drop down was not respecting the order of pages set on Category pages

CSS Save Error Message
Fixed an issue where trying to save CSS in the Control Panel that was too large would fail without an error telling the user why

Upload Attachment Error Message
Fixed an issue where the error message for attaching files that are too large wouldn't display correctly

Link Picker Browse Defaults to Homepage
Fixed an issue where the Link Picker's Browse tab would default to the home page instead of the location where a link/attachment was originally located

Editor Script Widgets
Fixed an issue where undo and redo changes were not working correctly inside the editor script widgets


New MindTouch UI Overview Guide
If you ever wondered what to call that navigation element with the folder icon or that banner with the Live/Draft status in it, you are in luck. This week we launched new documentation for MindTouch user Interface elements, organized by function. We will continue to expand this documentation over the coming weeks.


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