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MindTouch Success Center

Product release 2018-07-19


Salesforce Integration Username Overlap
Fixed a minor UI issue where the username in some Salesforce Integrations would overlap with the tabs in narrower views.

Reorder Page Error
Fixed an issue where no error message would occur if a user tried to reorder a Category's child pages when there were too many children on the page

New Page Dialog Closure
Fixed an issue where using Esc to close the New Page Dialog would make the page unresponsive

Discard Changes in Editor
Fixed an issue where closing the editor without making any changes to the page would sometimes result in a "Discard changes?" dialog


Attachment Revision Dialog Update
In our ongoing effort to keep our product healthy, we have cleaned up the code behind the attachment revision dialog.  This update contains no functional changes to the dialog.

New MindTouch UI Overview Guide
If you ever wondered what to call that navigation element with the folder icon or that banner with the Live/Draft status in it, you are in luck. This week we launched new documentation for MindTouch user Interface elements, organized by function. We will continue to expand this documentation over the coming weeks.

Success Center Tip of the Week

Page URLs automatically generate from the page title by default, but you can you can decouple a page link to be different from the page title. This can be helpful to maintain cleaner URLs if your page titles are complex, or to limit redirect jumps for frequent page title changes.

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