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Product release 2018-07-26


Syntax Highlighter - Powershell Formatting
Fixed an issue in the Syntax Highlighter where certain Powershell keywords were being formatted incorrectly inside URLs

Link Encoding Issue
Fixed an issue where trying to link to an article with more than one question mark in the title would only encode the first question mark

Contextual Help Dialog in Firefox
Fixed an issue in the Contextual Help dialog where there was extra grey padding at the bottom of the dialog

Contextual Help Links
Fixed an issue where links in Contextual Help dialogs that are set to target=_blank would append ?mt-f1=true to the link and open the link outside the dialog

Success Center Tip of the Week

MindTouch Paths organize a group of pages into a custom order with sequential navigation elements. Useful for guided learning or consecutive information, you can embed a Path as a hyperlink, collapsed or expanded widget, or display in Guide tabs. While Paths are not searchable themselves, you can embed a Path within a page that is searchable. Read more about embedded Path options.

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