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Product release 2018-08-02


Guides Without Tabs
Fixed an issue where a silent 404 error would appear on all page types if they didn't include guide tabs

Script Blocks in Safari
Fixed an issue where an editor could not add a new script block between two existing script blocks or on the same line as text in Safari

Contextual Help Dialog for Screen Readers
Fixed an issue where the Contextual Help dialog would lose focus when opened using a screen reader

Page Feedback 400 Error
Fixed an issue where on some sites clicking the Yes or No buttons would not count the vote and return a 400 error instead

Feature Enhancement

MindTouch for Salesforce
We are excited to announce MindTouch for Salesforce is now available! Our new Service Cloud integration, using standard web-to-case functionality, improves agent productivity via full access to knowledge content within the Salesforce interface.

Key functionality includes:

  • Auto search - Automatically display search results based on the submitted case subject field.
  • Search - Manually search MindTouch content from within Salesforce.
  • View and navigate - Access any MindTouch content from within Salesforce.
  • Link-to-case - Link a MindTouch page to a custom object called "Related Articles".
  • Insights - View customer activity of MindTouch searches and pages viewed before ticket submission.

If you are still running our legacy GeniusLink integration, we will continue to support it but will no longer be developing it. Interested in a demo of MindTouch for Salesforce? Contact your Customer Success Manager today!

Path Preview Dialog
As we continue updating existing functionality in our product to keep it healthy, we have cleaned up the code behind the Path Preview dialog found on Path Management and Path Revision History pages.  This update contains no functional changes to the dialog. 

Content Reuse Dialog
With the release of our new Editor Widgets, content reuse blocks were converted over to the new system; however, not all of the options available with content reuse were available in the dialog. This week we have added the ability to show the header for reused content sections to the dialog and the editor will respect the previous content reuse parameters from those former script blocks. 

Success Center Tip of the Week

Use custom Content Templates to quickly add frequently used snippets of content or code to pages. This can be helpful for standard notes, verbiage, or formatting that do not necessarily call for custom page templates, but are commonly used and helpful to be able to insert directly through the Editor.

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