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Product release 2018-08-23


Category Listing Display
Fixed an issue where the Category Listing radio buttons would appear unselected when chosen

PDF Link to Page
Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to link to a specific page in a PDF

Search Insights Error
Fixed an issue where filtering by anonymous users 30 days or more in the past with certain search terms would cause an error

List Formatting Removal Error
Fixed an issue where text that had its list formatting removed would appear above the list after the page was saved even though the text should appear in another location

Touchpoint Manager Loading
Fixed an issue where customers who have MindTouch for Salesforce installed would only see a spinner appear on their Touchpoint Manager page

Temporary Data Misconfiguration
On Aug 2, 2018 we discovered that event data was temporarily misconfigured to the wrong location during July 12-19, 2018. We reprocessed the data so that any reports generated after August 6, 2018 contain accurate data, even for the affected time period. Over the next couple weeks we will be updating our monitoring systems to prevent this type of event from happening again. 

Feature Enhancements

Search Insights Results
We have added the ability to choose how many Search Insights results you would like displayed. Users now have the option of selecting 100, 250, 500, or 1000 results.

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MindTouch Champion Spotlight

Kiley Henner is the Director of Customer Experience at Biamp. He oversees the Global Applications Engineering team, as well as training and education. Learn how Kiley delivers superior value and exceptional customer experiences at Biamp.

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