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Product release 2018-08-30


TCS Password Reset Error
Fixed an issue where users who would try to reset their password in TCS would receive an error message

MindTouch for Zendesk Insights Formatting
Fixed a formatting issue where the two Insights columns in the MindTouch for Zendesk integration overlapped each other

Touchpoint Limit Error
Fixed an issue where a blank error message would appear when a site's Touchpoint limit had been reached

HelpRequest Attribution Updates
Fixed an issue where HelpRequests generated for MindTouch for Zendesk and Salesforce were being attributed to the API instead of registering as the integration: mt-sfdc and mt-zendesk. In addition, "MindTouch Contextual Help" will now be labeled as "Contextual Help".

Missing Search Results Message in Image Dialog
Fixed an issue where filtering a search in the image dialog and receiving 0 results would not display a message saying there were no results

Success Center Tip of the Week

The MindTouch Smart Content Editor is a WYSIWYG interface that makes authoring easy, including automatically hyperlinking certain text such as email addresses or typed out URLs. To remove link functionality from autogenerated hyperlinks: Highlight the hyperlinked text, choose Unlink from the popup window, and choose Format > Regular text (no wiki formatting) from the editor toolbar. Learn more about options to add or remove hyperlinks.

MindTouch Champion Spotlight

Ozzie Gardner is the Knowledge Manager at iOFFICE where he has implemented an effective Self-Service strategy that has greatly reduced burden of support for over 2.2 million users and 1400 customers. Learn how Ozzie increased customer engagement and adoption for iOFFICE.

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