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Product release 2018-09-20


Remove List Formatting
Fixed an issue where removing formatting on a list would remove the list formatting from the selected text instead of just removing inline styling applied to that text

Feature Enhancement

Same Origin for API Tokens and Touchpoints
We have updated the functionality of API Tokens and Touchpoints so they can be loaded on their MindTouch site of origin without having to add that MindTouch site to the "allowed hosts" list. 

Success Center Tip of the Week

Numbered and bulleted lists are an effective way to display instructional content, and the MindTouch Smart Content Editor includes many options to format lists as needed. Read all about lists to see examples of how you can change the number or bullet style, nest different types of lists, and insert images without breaking a list.

MindTouch Champion Spotlight

Seth Faber is the Sr. Manager of eServices at Hitachi Vantara where he built Hitachi's online digital support and service experience. Learn how Seth and team have created a unified experience that helps Hitachi's customers get more value from their products.

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