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MindTouch Success Center

Product release 2018-09-27


There were no defect fixes this week

Success Center Tip of the Week

MindTouch reports help you optimize content for your users. To access out-of-box reports, navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard from the MindTouch toolbar.

  • HelpRequest usage - Historical site usage, projected site usage, and license information.
  • Search terms and queries - Legacy search report of queries and the articles clicked.
  • Search insights - Newer search report that shows queries, articles clicked, and trends with granular filters.
  • Site activity - How many pages your contributors created, edited and deleted, and how many new users were added to your site.
  • Site history - How your site was changed, including which contributor changed a page element or when a page was created, formatted, or edited.
  • User activity - View specific user search and viewing history.
  • User contributions - See all the changes a specific user made.
  • Community Scoring Reports - How users rate content in your MindTouch site.
  • Content Aging Report - All pages in your MindTouch site with details about last edited date, views, number of edits, and page rating.

MindTouch Champion Spotlight

Rebekah Kilzer is the Director of Member Education at OCLC where her team has made the experience of getting answers on their librarian focused website more straightforward and consistent.

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