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Product release 2017-03-09

Feature enhancements

  • Single page reports
    The five MindTouch reports located at path /Special:Reports are now available at their own unique URLs:

    1.  The content aging report will be visible at path /Special:AgingReport
    2.  The search report will be visible at path /Special:SearchReport
    3.  The site activity report will be visible at path /Special:SiteActivityReport
    4.  The community scoring report will be visible at path /Special:SiteQualityReport
    5.  The site usage report will be visible at path /Special:SiteUsageReport

    The original path /Special:Reports will no longer direct users to the tabbed container where the reports once lived, but to a new dashboard where links to the reports can be found.

Bug fixes

  • Unlinking URLs (TCS and MT4)
    We fixed an issue where page titles were not able to unlink from their URLs.
  • SEO warning causing title overflow
    Fixed a bug with the page titles in edit mode where an ampersand ("&") and a long title would cause the input field to extend outside the content container.
  • Users table warning message
    Fixed an issue in the control panel where the Users table warning message would not load if the site had more than 1000 users.
  • Links in tables
    Fixed an issue where you were unable to add links inside a table in the editor. 
  • Paths with the same page appearing twice
    Fixed an issue where you could possibly have the same page appear twice in a path when saving that path.
  • PDF generation error
    Fixed an issue where a PDF could not be generated if it contained an image that had a trailing space in its name.
    Ex: src="/@api/deki/files/20504/action_menu_12.png "

Known issues

  • Search report
    In this past release, there is a known issue with the search report page not loading all the contents of your user searches. We are looking into the issue and will have a fix in next week’s release. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Upcoming feature enhancements

  • An even more secure MindTouch experience
    Most MindTouch customers have moved over to a more secure experience for their users. This move has been to require HTTPS connections completely across their sites (the "S" stands for secure). Google recently announced that they are moving towards encouraging a more secure internet and boosting sites that require an HTTPS encryption method. Enhancing your Google presence can drive even more new and existing customers to your brand. We have sent out information regarding this to all MindTouch support contacts. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact MindTouch Support
  • Content branding regions (Responsive)
    On March 16, 2017, we will be releasing three new branding regions in Responsive.  Content branding regions are customizable containers located above, below, and to the side of your content container that when used, will appear on every page throughout your site, like your custom header or footer.  
  • Conditional content UI update
    Next week we will be updating the way conditional content appears in the editor to improve the user experience for content writers. Conditional content will now be easier to identify, modify, and less likely to break.
  • Editor alignment and indentation update
    Starting next week we will change the way the editor aligns and indents content. Previously the editor used inline styles which did not follow responsive design best practices. The editor will start using class names to make it easier to create mobile ready styles for your site.

Future deprecations

  • IE 10 deprecation in May 2017
    In June 2016, we announced the creation of a legacy browser experience that would allow users to view MindTouch content in deprecated browsers. At the time, we decided that Legacy Browser would work for IE 9 and below. Now that some time has passed and we have analyzed how MindTouch users view content in Internet Explorer, we would like to add IE 10 to that list in accordance with Microsoft's own End of Support announcement earlier this year.
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