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Product release 2017-05-11

Feature enhancements

  • No new feature enhancements.


Upcoming feature enhancements

  • A secure MindTouch experience with enforced HTTPS
    On May 22, 2017, we will be enforcing HTTPS connections for all sites with SSL enabled. This will allow us to provide a more secure experience for our customers and move towards a more secure web.  Over the last couple of months, we have sent out information to customers regarding this change, and most MindTouch customers have already implemented HTTPS for their users. Sites that do not have SSL enabled will not be affected. Some of the benefits of enforcing HTTPS for MindTouch sites include:
    • Improving search rank advantage from Google
    • Encouraging trust with end users
    • Ensuring site data integrity

Please contact MindTouch Support with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Future deprecations

  • There are no future deprecations at this time.
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