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Product release 2017-06-01


  • Editor: unexpected re-encoding of page attributes
    Fixed an issue that caused certain attributes to be re-encoded each time a page was saved, eventually resulting in pages that could be too large to load
  • Category Thumbnail images: unexpected behavior of thumbnail images dialog
    Fixed an issue that allowed the drag and drop uploading of multiple thumbnail images on a Category page, while only one image can be displayed
  • Touchpoints: differentiation between viewed and searched results in customer insights Touchpoint
    Fixed an issue that prevented differentiation between viewed and searched articles returned by the customer insights Touchpoint 
  • Control Panel: improved error messaging
    Updated error messaging to reflect searches for nonexistent users in the Control Panel 
  • Link Manager: contextual help link
    Added a missing contextual help link to Link Manager UI 
  • Conditional Content: unexpected removal of title attribute
    Fixed an issue that resulted in the unexpected removal of the title attribute in custom Conditional Content 

Feature enhancements

  • There are no feature enhancements to announce at this time.

Upcoming feature enhancements

  • There are no upcoming feature enhancements to announce at this time.

Planned deprecations

  • There are no deprecations planned at this time.
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