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Product release 2017-07-13



  • DekiScript: Display of broken calls
    Fixed an issue which prevented the display of broken calls; the full URL is now displayed
  • Link Manager: Broken link identification
    Fixed an issue which prevented the identification of broken links via the broken link (fire) icon
  • Link Manager: Internal link identification
    Fixed an issue which prevented Link Manager from identifying internal links on imported pages
  • Editor: Inadvertent content deletion
    Fixed an issue which resulted in the inadvertent deletion of content below a subsection after saving an edit to that subsection
  • Conditional Content: Table navigation
    Fixed an issue which prevented the navigation of table cells via the "tab" key if the table exists within a conditional content block
  • Contextual Help: Auto-close after 30 seconds
    Contextual Help dialogs now auto-close after 30 seconds if content cannot render due to connectivity issues.

Feature enhancements


  • Site Structure: Prevention of inadvertent new page creation
    Currently, pro members who attempt to follow a link to a page that no longer exists will trigger the creation of a new page. Sites can now be configured to prevent this, and instead, deliver an error, "Page could not be found," with links to related articles. If you would like to have this enabled on your site, please contact

Upcoming feature enhancements

  • On August 2nd, all MindTouch sites will receive our latest editor. The new editor features a streamlined interface for an optimized use of screen space with no loss of functionality. This allows broad support for varied screen sizes, and gives editors and authors the ability to see even more content. Contact your MindTouch Customer Success Manager with any questions or comments. Here's a sneak peek:

Planned deprecations

  • There are no deprecations planned at this time.
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