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Product release 2017-11-16



  • Touchpoints UI: Title wrapping
    Fixed an issue that prevented the ability to edit a Touchpoint if its title exceeded a certain length
  • Guide UI: Topic dropdown element
    Fixed an issue that prevented the display of the Topic expand-collapse UI element within guides (TCS and MT4 only)
  • Dekiscript: Code indentation
    Fixed an issue that prevented dekiscript blocks from properly rendering if the dekiscript code was indented 
  • Page Settings: Classification UI 
    Fixed an issue that improperly indicated the addition of a recursive classification to a page after a user cancels the "Update tags" confirmation dialog    
  • Guide Path Tab: Path deletion
    Fixed an issue that caused the first path in a guide's path tab to be deleted, regardless of which path was intended to be deleted

Feature enhancements


  • Site Structure: Prevention of inadvertent new page creation
    Currently, pro members who attempt to follow a link to a page that no longer exists will trigger the creation of a new page. Sites can now be configured to prevent this, and instead, deliver an error, "Page could not be found," with links to related articles. If you would like to have this enabled on your site, please contact
  • Site Structure: Deletion of page children
    Currently, pro members who attempt to delete a page have the option of leaving that page's children in place, which results in structure errors. Sites can now be configured to prevent this, and instead, warn the user that a specific number of child pages and files will be deleted.  If you would like to have this enabled on your site, please contact

Planned feature enhancements


  • Editor: Paste button
    On November 30th, we’ll be updating our editor with under the hood performance optimizations. As part of our efforts to increase efficiency, the “paste” button will be removed. Previously, the paste button would prompt a dialog which requested that the user paste content using the paste key command. After the update, users can simply use the paste keystroke, or right- or control-click directly in the page.

Planned deprecations


  • Legacy Comments: MT4 & TCS
    Our legacy comments feature, used in MT4 and TCS, is scheduled to be removed on February 8, 2018. If your MindTouch site currently uses legacy comments, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or
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