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Product release 2017-12-07



  • Page Classifications: Application of recursive classifications
    Fixed an issue that prevented a recursive classification from being applied to a page if the recursive option was not selected
  • Code Block UI: Print and View Source icons
    Fixed an issue that prevented the display of the "print" and "view source" icons in code blocks
  • Link Selection Dialog UI: Extra Line Break (Chrome only)
    Removed an extra line break added to the results listed in the link selection dialog 
  • Fonts: Icon visibility
    Fixed an issue that prevented the display of font icons 

Upcoming Feature enhancements

The following enhancements will be released to all sites on December 14th, 2017. If you have any questions, contact

Guide Tabs: Simplified Single Tab view
Currently, guides with only one visible tab only have the default option to display the full tab design. On December 14th, all sites will have a new Simple design option in Page Settings for a different layout when only one tab is active in a guide.

Tabbed View Example

Simple View Example

Site Structure: Prevention of inadvertent new page creation
Currently, pro members who navigate to a page URL that does not exist will automatically trigger a new page creation at that location. New pages created in this manner can cause site structure errors or create orphan articles without a proper template. On December 14th, all sites will be configured to no longer trigger new page creation via URL and instead display "Page could not be found," with links to related articles.

Site Structure: Deletion of page children
Currently, pro members who attempt to delete a parent page have the option to leave that page's children in place, which removes the ability to navigate to the child pages. On December 14th, all sites will be configured to prevent orphaned pages and instead display a warning about the number of child pages and attachments that will be deleted.


Planned deprecations


  • Legacy Comments: MT4 & TCS
    Our legacy comments feature, used in MT4 and TCS, is scheduled to be removed on February 8, 2018. If your MindTouch site currently uses legacy comments, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or
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