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Product release 2016-04-14

Summary of notable changes

►  Summary detail added to recommended articles on pages

►  Removal of sitemap capability (XML sitemap still functioning)

►  Spell check now back to American English

►  Bitmap upload removed

►  Article directory listing misalignment noticed in Mozilla Firefox fixed


New features



Feature optimizations

Recommended articles

  • Added summaries to recommended articles on MindTouch Responsive pages.
  • Due to the extra text, recommended articles are reduced to four on a page for a better user interface.
  • Hide page summaries with this CSS code sample.
  • Additional detail provides users more insight into other helpful articles related to the pages they are viewing. Increases time on site and product knowledge.

Responsive sitemap
To increase performance for all MindTouch sites as well as the responsiveness of the MindTouch infrastructure, we’ve removed the sitemap for Responsive sites. This is not to be confused with the XML sitemap that is used by external search engines. We apologize for the abruptness of this change, if you have any questions or concerns please contact the MindTouch Customer Success team.


Bug fixes

Spell check as you type
Due to a change in our 2016-04-07 release, the Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT for short) dictionary was loading the UK dictionary rather than the US version. We headed to Boston, tossed some tea into the harbor, and fixed the issue.

Bitmap (.bmp) files
Users were able to add unsupported bitmap (.bmp) files via our attach image dialog. As .bmp files are not supported, we’ve removed that functionality. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MindTouch Customer Success team.

Article directory tab
In Firefox browsers the columns in the article directory tab in guides would be misaligned depending on the number of articles you had. We’ve corrected this issue.



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