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Product release 2016-06-02

Summary of notable changes

►  Legacy browsing enabled

►  Localized "Home" page 

►  F1 anchor option disabled

►  Third-party code donation request removed

►  Editor fix for TCS


New features

Legacy browsing experience enabled
To allow users to view and navigate content on browsers that are no longer supported by Microsoft (i.e. legacy browsers), we created a legacy browser experience.

Feature optimizations


Bug fixes

Localized "Home" page
Fixed issue with "Home" not localizing in breadcrumb and tree navigations.

Disabled F1 anchor option
Fixed issue that allowed users to select an anchor when linking to an article via F1. The option is now disabled.

Third-party code donation request removed
Removed third-party code donation request when using syntax highlighter.

TCS editor fix
Fixed issue with editor breaking after the Edit button is selected from the MindTouch toolbar on TCS sites.


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