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Product release 2016-06-09

Summary of notable changes

►  Redirect warning messages

►  Save error

►  Scrolling in Firefox and Safari browsers


New features



Feature optimizations

Redirect warning messages
Users are now alerted when they are about to break a redirect through certain rename, copy and move functions. Additional documentation gives a bit of background information on how redirects work. Actions that may inspire a warning message include:

  • Saving a new page over an existing redirect
  • Saving a new draft over an existing redirect
  • Moving a page over an existing redirect
  • Moving a hierarchy where resulting subpages would have the same path as an existing redirect
  • Copying a page over an existing redirect
  • Copying a hierarchy where resulting subpages would have the same path as an existing redirect
  • Restoring deleted pages
  • Importing MTARCs

Bug fixes

Error upon saving an edited page
Fixed issue with MindTouch producing a save error when the Save button was double-clicked.

Scrolling in Firefox and Safari
Fixed issue with scrollbars not working in Firefox or Safari.

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