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Product release 2016-06-16

Summary of notable changes

►  Searching for users in control panel

►  Content alignment in Internet Explorer 11

►  Minor styling

►  Blank feedback submittal

►  Unsubscribe link in notification emails

Feature optimizations

Searching for users in control panel
Enhanced search in Users page in control panel to include results for user names that contain spaces.

Bug fixes

Content alignment in Internet Explorer 11
Fixed issue with page content left-aligning in Internet Explorer 11.

Minor styling

  • Fixed styling issue of user view and search activity table incorrectly wrapping upon page load.
  • Fixed styling issue of tag values not properly wrapping on smaller screens.
  • Fixed styling issue of "Return to [page]" link in Restrict access page not properly wrapping on smaller screens.
  • Fixed styling issue of "Add new user" text fields and warning messages overlapping.
  • Fixed hidden borders on "Add new user" text fields.

Blank feedback submittal
Fixed issue with users being able to submit blank feedbacks. The Submit button is now grayed out until content is entered into the feedback text field.

Unsubscribe link in notification email
Fixed issue with the unsubscribe link in subscription notification emails not resolving to the correct page.


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