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Product release 2016-06-30

Index of notable fixes

►  Link picker dialog styling in MT4

►  Breadcrumb ellipses styling

►  Carousel styling on search page

►  Section editing of headings

►  Restoring a page to alternate location

►  Link options persisting for linked files

►  Page title edit through image dialog

Bug fixes

Padding in Link picker dialog
Fixed issue with missing padding in Link picker dialog in MT4.

Spacing between breadcrumb text and ellipses
Fixed styling of missing spacing between breadcrumb text and ellipses.

Carousel alignment on search page
Fixed issue with carousel alignment with previous/next arrows when carousel navigation is needed.

Section editing of headings 
Fixed issue with the editor opening at the top of the page when section-editing headings in headers and footers.

Restoring a deleted page to an alternate location 
Fixed issue with not being able to restore a deleted page over a redirect to an alternate location.

Link options persisting for linked files
Fixed issue with link options reverting to "Default" when editing links that point to files.

Page title edit through image dialog
Fixed issue with page title input field not being greyed out when saving images.


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