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Product release 2016-07-28



New features

TCS F1 support
TCS now supports F1.


Bug fixes 

Unpublished drafts no longer appear as the next/previous page to navigate to.

Links in anchors
Deleting a link with an anchor applied to it will now delete properly.

Deleting parent pages and unpublished child pages
Deleting a parent page and its subpages will now target unpublished subpages as well.

Editing page summaries as a draft contributor

  • The page summary section is now displayed on live and draft pages for draft contributors.
  • Draft contributors can now create changes to the page summary section while in draft mode.

Draft title editing in draft manager
Edits to draft page titles are now correctly reflected in the draft manager.

Exporting subpages
Exporting a subpage while its parent has an accent in its title will now import to the correct path.


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