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Product release 2016-08-18


Feature enhancements

Article page classification and tags
Article classifications and tags, located at the bottom of the page, are now linked to a search results page​ of all other articles that contain that same classification or tag.

F1 subdomain requirements
Contextual help (F1) no longer requires certification through the F1 sub-domain when using contextual help inside of MindTouch. If you are using the older implementation of contextual help (non-Touchpoints) then the F1 sub-domain will continue to be required. We strongly suggest converting your existing contextual help implementation to MindTouch Touchpoints for a more robust and customizable integration.

Note to user   NOTE:  The F1 subdomain is still accessible and functional, but no longer a requirement.

Draft manager link
Draft manager is now linked within the draft banner for easier access.


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