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Product release 2016-09-01

New features

Auto complete tag fields in the page classification manager
The tag field now suggests existing tags that are similar or the same.

Bug fixes

Path link page loading
Contextual help Touchpoints display only the content of a MindTouch path and not the entire site.

Multiple domains in Touchpoints
While creating a Touchpoint, multiple domains can be listed with spaces without causing errors.

Comparing draft page revisions from different users
Users can now compare draft page revisions where multiple users have made edits to a single draft page.

The live page notification banner no longer overlaps the Add a path dialog.

Future deprecations

Removing custom classifications from Template:System/Variables
In the next few weeks we are removing the ability to create custom classifications in Template:System/Variables. This is to avoid conflicts with custom classifications created in the control panel. For more information on creating custom classifications, read how to create custom classifications.

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