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Product release 2016-09-08

Index of notable changes

► Searching with single quote

► Custom Path URL beginning with numbers 

► Centering videos in tables (MT4)

► Draft contributor section header editing

► Removing custom classifications from Template:System/Variables

Bug fixes

Searching with single quote
Performing a search query with a single quote previously would not yield any results and create a confusing experience. Performing a search with a single quote in the search field now yields an error message in the search results.

Custom Path URL beginning with numbers
Attempting to create a new Path URL beginning with a number now displays an error message. New Path URL's must begin with a letter.

Centering videos in tables (MT4)
Fixed an issue where videos were not center aligning in tables.

Draft contributor section header editing
Draft contributors can no longer trigger the editor experience for section headers on live pages. Draft contributors can only edit section headers on draft pages.

Future deprecations

Removing custom classifications from Template:System/Variables
On September 29th, 2016 we are removing the ability to create custom classifications in Template:System/Variables. This is to avoid conflicts with custom classifications created in the control panel. To make sure you are creating custom classifications in preparation for this deprecation, read how to create custom classifications.

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