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Product release 2016-09-29

Index of notable changes

► Editor font style enhancements

► SSL certification and HTTPS

► Custom classifications on Template:System/Variables (Deprecation!)

► Hover text

► Classification manager UI


Feature enhancements

Editor font style enhancements
We converted editor injected inline CSS into class names for font styling. This change makes it easier to work with custom CSS styling via the control panel. For more information, check out our article on editor font styles.

SSL certification and HTTPS

  • All traffic to newly licensed sites is forced to HTTPS only for MindTouch sites.
  • For assistance in transferring your current MindTouch site to HTTPS, contact MindTouch support.



Removing custom classifications from Template:System/Variables
We removed the ability to create custom classifications in Template:System/Variables. This is to avoid conflicts with custom classifications created in the control panel.  For more information on creating custom classifications, read our article on creating custom classifications.


Bug fixes

Hover text
We fixed an issue where certain HTML elements were receiving unnecessary title attributes which caused a tooltip to appear when a mouse hovered over them.

Classification manager UI
Custom classification drop downs are now aligned correctly in the classification manager.

Future deprecations

No current plans for feature deprecations.


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