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Product release 2016-10-06

Index of notable changes

► Responsive tables in MindTouch 4

► File attachment ID

► Contextual help on IOS devices

► HTTPS and /@api/deki/ endpoints


Feature enhancements

Responsive tables in MindTouch 4

  • Tables in MindTouch 4 now have the option to be set to responsive. 
  • Tables existing prior to this feature implementation can be made responsive through the table's properties.

important note   Feature requires the latest version of DekiScript. Contact Support if you would like to enable the latest version of DekiScript.


Bug fixes

File attachment ID
Copying pages with embedded files was not changing the file's attachment IDs. Copied files on copied pages now reference their correct file IDs.

Contextual help on IOS devices
Fixed an issue where users could not scroll through contextual help content on IOS devices.

HTTPS and /@api/deki/ endpoints
HTTPS is now properly enforced for the /@api/deki/ endpoint.

Future deprecations

No current plans for feature deprecations.


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