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Product release 2016-10-13

Index of notable changes

► X-XSS-Protection HTTP header

► X-Content-Type-Options HTTP header

► Find and replace search experience

► Spell check suggestions

► Color selector options

► Minor jQuery upgrade


Security enhancements

X-XSS-Protection HTTP header enabled
We've enhanced our existing protection against cross site scripting by enabling this web server configuration. This prevents malicious code from being executed in the users browser.

X-Content-Type-Options HTTP header enabled
We've enabled this web server configuration to ensure that the file type delivered is the file type it executes. This is to prevent a browser security vulnerability in which malicious content is accessed as long as it had a valid file type.


Bug fixes

Find and replace search experience
Finding and replacing text through the editor no longer forces the browser to scroll to the top of the page, regardless of where the text is located.

Spell check suggestions
Spell check suggestions for words that are lower case are now accurately displayed as such in the suggestion menu.

Color selector options
Fixed an issue where colors were not displaying correctly in the editor via the Text color More Colors option.


Upcoming feature upgrade

Minor jQuery upgrade
We will be upgrading from version 1.11.3 to version 2.2.4 for minor bug fixes. While this appears to be a giant version leap, this upgrade will not have any substantial changes to the user experience. This will upgrade the base library and not affect jQuery UI.


Future deprecations

No current plans for feature deprecations.


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