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Product release 2016-10-20

Index of notable changes

► Minor jQuery upgrade

► Anchor scroll position

► Attachment streaming


Feature enhancements

Minor jQuery upgrade
We have upgraded from version 1.11.3 to version 2.2.4 for minor bug fixes. While this appears to be a giant version leap, this upgrade will not have any substantial changes to the user experience. This upgrades the base library and does not affect jQuery UI.


Bug fixes

Anchor scroll position
Fixed an issue where the browser did not scroll to the correct anchor position on page load. This was due to content loading above the anchor, after it had already scrolled to the anchor prior.


Upcoming feature upgrade

Attachment streaming
We are in the process of changing the way we stream attachments in MindTouch so we can increase the speed of serving them to our customers across the world. Current links to attachments will not require code changes on your part. In the coming weeks we will be testing out this change internally and with a select group of beta testers. When we are finished testing, we will announce a release date and documentation that will explain the details of this new functionality.


Future deprecations

No current plans for feature deprecations.


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