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Product release 2016-11-10

Index of notable changes

► Table cell background colors

► Navigation errors in the previous version of contextual help

► Embedding multiple Ooyala videos

► Attachment streaming

► HelpRequest data


Feature enhancements

There were no feature enhancements this week.


Bug fixes

Table cell background colors
We fixed an issue where the background colors of table cells could not be changed in the editor.

Navigation errors in the previous version of contextual help
The earlier version of our contextual help dialog had a regression where navigation controls and search queries were not working correctly in IE 11. Our current Touchpoint for contextual help was not affected. Learn more about the newest version of contextual help.

Embedding multiple Ooyala videos
Discovered and fixed an issue where embedding multiple Ooyala videos prevented the editor from saving the page in certain browsers and operating systems.


Upcoming feature enhancements

Attachment streaming
We are in the process of changing the way we stream attachments in MindTouch so we can increase the speed of serving them to our customers across the world. Current links to attachments will not require code changes on your part. We are currently testing this change with a select group of beta testers. When we are finished testing, we will announce a release date and documentation that will explain the details of this new functionality.

HelpRequest data
You may have heard about our HelpRequest improvement initiative, Customer Insights Powered by New Data, that we completed over the summer. HelpRequests are an atomic unit of help delivered to a user across multiple channels such as your success center (page views, searches, etc.) and in-product contextual help. Soon we will be providing the ability to download that improved HelpRequest data to help you gain even more insights into how your site is being used.


Future deprecations

There are no current plans for feature deprecations at this time.


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