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Product release 2016-12-15

Feature enhancements

  • Update to our search indexer
    Last weekend we re-indexed all sites so that we could make some performance and maintenance updates to our search indexer. This latest version will go live tomorrow.
  • Attachment streaming
    We have rolled back our attachment streaming change at this time due to performance issues.

Bug fixes

  • Table border and cell padding
    We've removed the cell padding and border options when using the responsive option for tables in the editor. These two options did not get applied when responsive tables are in use. The cell padding option has also been removed from Responsive since it is no longer supported in HTML 5.
  • Anonymous rating changes
    We've removed the timestamp for anonymous ratings, "You last rated this article on...". This functionality didn't serve a purpose for anonymous viewers. We've also updated the functionality of the rating buttons to reduce spamming.
  • Horizontal lines and the TOC
    Fixed horizontal lines (a.k.a. horizontal rules) in the editor so they don't appear under the table of contents in Responsive.
  • Editor caching issue in IE 11
    Fixed an issue in the editor where some changes were not being saved in IE 11 due to a caching issue.
  • Image dimension misalignment
    Fixed an issue where the image dialog fields for Width and Height were misaligned in Responsive for some screen sizes.
  • Adding links to drafts
    Fixed an issue with the link dialog on draft pages where the Link to field did not auto-populate the URL.
  • Reordering subpage listings in Firefox
    We've fixed an issue in Firefox where sub-pages that were dragged-n-dropped on a page did not revert back to their normal appearance.
  • Attachment name with space encoding
    Fixed an issue for file attachments where if an existing attachment had a space in the title, the space character would be encoded incorrectly if the attachment was re-uploaded again. 
  • Community scoring report CSV
    Fixed an issue where there were missing column headers in the CSV downloaded from the Community Scoring report.
  • Manually entered anchor links
    Fixed an issue where the link dialog was adding a forward slash in front of anchor links that were manually entered into the Link to field. When the page was rendered, these links would go to the home page of the site instead of rendering as internal anchors on the page the user was currently on.

Upcoming feature enhancements

  • HelpRequest data
    You may have heard about our HelpRequest improvement initiative, Customer Insights Powered by New Data, that we completed over the summer. HelpRequests are an atomic unit of help delivered to a user across multiple channels such as your success center (page views, searches, etc.) and in-product contextual help. Next week we will be providing the ability to download that improved HelpRequest data to help you gain even more insights into how your site is being used.
  • Structured Data improvement
    Starting next week, all MindTouch sites will have the ability to add publisher information (company name and URL) to the Structured Data we automatically generate for your site. This information will make it easier to identify and associate your company with your MindTouch site. Structured Data makes your content eligible for display as Rich Results and Knowledge Graph cards in Google search results.

Future deprecations

  • Contextual Help Migration
    MindTouch Touchpoints were released over the summer. These embeddable building blocks allow for the sharing of MindTouch content across multiple channels. Our contextual help Touchpoint was created to replace our older version of contextual help. Over the next few months, we will be converting these old implementations over to the new contextual help Touchpoint. We will be working with those of you still using the old version, to ensure a smooth transition over to the new contextual help Touchpoint.

    Why should I convert to the new contextual help?
    • Easier to create, customize, and use
    • Allows for the use of anchors links
    • Responsive design that works on any device or resolution

    We are targeting a support deprecation date for the old contextual help implementation on March 2, 2017. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact MindTouch Support.
  • IE 10 Deprecation in May 2017
    Back in June, we announced the creation of a legacy browser experience that would allow users to view MindTouch content in deprecated browsers. At the time, we decided that Legacy Browser would work for IE 9 and below. Now that some time has passed and we have analyzed how MindTouch users view content in Internet Explorer, we would like to add IE 10 to that list in accordance with Microsoft's own End of Support announcement earlier this year.
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